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About Us

Let me introduce myself, my name is Idette Brown-Vaughan and I have been dabbling in various cyberspace endeavors since the late 80s, when I ran a Computer Bulletin Board System known as The Blacknet.

For those interested, I will list below the URLs for my other sites, however I wish to focus on this my latest endeavor -- Check My Feeds which I recently acquired.

Check My Feeds features:
1. An online RSS Reader; and
2. Email Alerts to subscribing members (only).

I stumbled across Check My Feeds when rolling out my RSS Feed Service site -- our motto there is "Your Source For RSS Feeds and More. RSS Feed Service is actually a directory where companies and individuals can advertise all of their clickable URLs in one place. Since RSS Feed Service has a link for users to include their RSS URL, I wanted to make the RSS URLs clickable -- in other words readable online without an RSS Reader. Check My Feeds allow you to do just that! To learn more about how Check My Feeds works please see our "How To Use" page.

I hope all who visit my sites find them to be fun, enjoyable and resourceful.

As promised here are my websites:

Brooklyn Local

New York City Is

RSS Feed Service

Check My Feeds

Bracelets By Idette

I own these Blogs formerly Safelists (Opt In Email):

DeadBeats Are Us

Everything Travel

The Dieter's Club

Success From Home

The Golfer's Gateway

The following is a site that I sell products -- I do not own these site -- I am a consultant:


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