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How To Use CheckMyFeeds

Oh No! Not another Email! Relax -- Emails from CheckMyFeeds help Email Subscription Members who are pressed for time stay abreast of new content added to their favorite websites by sending Email alerts. No longer is it necessary to visit sites individually to see what's new.

Just register at CheckMyFeeds and add the RSS URL for the sites you are tracking. When new content has been added to the site(s) you will receive an Email alert. The alerts can be set for hourly or daily delivery. By the way, you personalize the feeds you read -- the Email alerts are sent based on the RSS URLs you provide. If there are no new items in the feed during the period, no email is sent. All feed subscriptions are sent in a single Email. Once your Email alert arrives just sit back and click.

Please note you do not need to subscribe to CHECKMYFEEDS to read an RSS feed you only need to subscribe if you wish to receive Email alerts.

By the way CHECKMYFEEDS is affiliated with The aim of RSS Feed Service is to provide businesses and professionals an arena where they can publish/advertise in one place all of their clickable respective URLs/Links (e.g. Website, RSS Feed viewed online via CheckMyFeeds, Audio, BBSpace, FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter) and to offer consumers a site with resourceful content.


There is no fee to use CheckMyFeeds. We reserve the right to implement fees at anytime.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please share CHECKMYFEEDS and RSSFEEDSERVICE with your colleagues.

Idette Brown-Vaughan

Webmaster, Owner and Admin :)

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